Septic Services for Realtors

Just for Realtors

Attention realtors with pending purchases!

Remember to have the septic system inspected even if the county that the home is selling in doesn’t require one.

If you skip the inspection of the septic system it can cost your client thousands and you your reputation as a great realtor. Detecting healthy, failing, or failed systems can only be done by professional septic contractors, not by home inspectors. Yet, failing to have your client’s septic system inspected may result in your client having to replace the system within months of occupying the new property. This can cost them thousands of dollars to replace.

Premium Home-Sale Septic Inspections

To help you act as an “Agent of Prevention” for your clients you can now offer to your clients a discount on septic system inspections to give them peace of mind in their potential purchase. Our Home-Sale Septic Inspection includes:

  • Locate and map existing septic system
  • Determine system’s age and septic tank size
  • Evaluate and grade septic tank condition
  • Evaluate drain field condition
  • Evaluate plumbing emptying into the septic system for any problems or concerns
  • Provide a written Certification Report


Call A1 Septic Solution at (360) 739-0570 to request a Premium Home-Sale Inspection for your client, and A1 will deduct $25 off their bill!